Your local councillors are coming into your house – by radio

If you’ve always wanted to know a bit more about the people who are your St Albans Councillors (and there are in fact 49 of them), Radio Verulam has produced a podcast series recorded with a number of the St Albans District councillors where they talk to Nick Hazell about their personal lives, their responsibilities on the council and how they are looking to improve the lives of the St Albans communities.

The first wave of podcasts has covered Councillors Helen Campbell (Marshalswick South Ward), Liz Needam (Batchwood), Simon Grover (St Peters), Josie Madoc (Clarence) and David Mitchell (Redbourn). Over the next few weeks, Radio Verulam will be publishing interviews with more of the councillors, giving you a fascinating insight into what makes them tick, and hopefully, making them more familiar to St Albans residents.

So if you want to hear them in action as well as read about it, head to Radio Verulam’s website at