Why are we CMA members?

Hi All,
It would be good to hear about the reasons we join the CMA, and what we need from it.

I have been a member since the very beginnings of our involvement in community radio, when we first looked into running a station. I found being part of the wider community this brings enormously helpful, and credit this with most of my understanding of community radio so far.
I am happy to pay something towards this each year. I don’t really see this as transactional, or that I am paying for a service or expect anything in return. For me, it means - I’m choosing to be part of this community, and value being associated with it - what can I bring to it, how can I help things along?
This was my motivation behind offering to join the CMA council, and to chair the council meetings over the last couple of years. All of us on the council are busy running our own stations and projects. We know how hard the work we all do is, but also that it is harder if we are isolated, and that we need the support of one another. Finding time to volunteer for the CMA on top of volunteering and working at our own organisations can be difficult, but it’s rewarding to get to know so many lovely community media people around the country.

I’d love to hear from other CMA members about why they join, and what membership means to them.


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The first organisation that I insist join was my old student radio station, we were applying for a CR license and thought it would be great to find out more about community radio (and hoped that also the membership would look good in the eyes of Ofcom).

Since then I have held personal membership and also encouraged all community media organisations I am with to be members.

With no expectation of reward, for the recognition for all the great work I know the CMA has done & achieved and continued to do.

I was encouraged onto council because of my ideas about the awards, but got really interested in the development and strategy of the CMA, and then with a passion for finances took over as treasurer as well.

To me membership means being in a club that enables us to work together, sharing our best practice and ways of working for a common goal, the power of community media to engage, strength and develop the communities we are part of.

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I originally decided to join as it would give me personal access to station management to further our business.
But it’s now much more than that.
I now have a much better insight into how our sector operates and what are its core problems.
We’ve managed to tackle and resolve some of those - which inevitably means that even more come up that need attention.
I’m happy to go for these problems from a different angle from the formal CMA line - which means we usually meet somwehere near the end from different directions.

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