Where the Power Lies – The Illusion of Choice

There are still some tickets available for an event in Rowsley Where the Power Lies
“The Illusion of Choice”

A one-day symposium exploring our understanding, fears and hopes for digital interaction in participatory arts.

WHERE THE POWER LIES will provide the opportunity to experience a variety of interactive artwork. Discuss our fears and hopes whilst furthering our understanding of digital interaction and participation. The day will centre around three themes;

Digital Interfaces and the process of engagement
A practical demonstration and exploration of interactive art at LEVEL – its process. purpose, qualities and limitations.

Participation and Power
Who has the real power in the artistic content? Who really controls and therefore owns the output? Can participants really author new work or does it always remain that of the programmer/artist?

The Human and the Machine
Digital culture, the individual and our society, including the politics of our digital culture and the notional relationship between machine code and chemical coding.