What makes Sharleen Spiteri happy? You might be surprised at her answer


Sharleen Spiteri has the world of entertainment in her grasp.

As lead vocalist with Texas she has sold over 40 million records and has had 3 No.1 albums in the UK charts, but when asked in an interview by journalist, Nicola Depuis, for Irish newspaper, the Cork Echo, what makes her happy these days, Sharleen Spiteri replied "I absolutely love listening to Angel Radio. The presenters are all pensioners, and I love it.” Then she gleefully sings the jingle ‘Angel Radio … the home of pure nostalgia’, and adds “It’s like a real comfort”

Sharleen Spiteri is correct; Angel Radio is indeed run by pensioners. Its station manager is 67-year-old Tony Smith. He told the CMA:

“I must admit I was surprised to learn that Sharleen is a fan of our little oasis of nostalgia, especially as we have never played any records by Texas, but there’s no reason why anybody of any age, famous or not, wouldn’t enjoy the cosy friendliness and great vintage music on Angel Radio.

"We already have plenty of younger well-known artistes who have Angel on their ‘favourites’ list. For instance, Kate Garner, daughter of Chas (Chas & Dave) is a dedicated fan who has guested on Angel Radio and has recently returned from performing on stage in the USA, and a few years ago Sara Cox played, and sang along to Angel Radio jingles on her BBC Radio 1 show, commenting on how nice it would be to have a ‘memory lane’ slot on Radio 1”.

Tony continued:

“Although our core audience is older people, at one time a few years ago, our youngest regular phone caller was Lyla, age 4 (listening with grandparents), and at the same time our regular oldest phone caller was Ellen, aged 104. So really that 100-year age gap proves that age isn’t the defining reason for listening to Angel Radio”


Angel Radio is Registered Charity 1138441 based in Havant, Hampshire. The radio station operated as a pirate station from 1993 to 1996. After suffering 2 raids by the Department of Trade & Industry they went on air legally using 28-day licenses supplied by the Radio Authority.

In 2002 the Radio Authority invited Angel Radio to run a full-time experimental radio station to test the viability, sustainability, and social benefits of a small, community-run station. Four years later the experiment was deemed a resounding success and Angel Radio received a full-time radio licence.

Angel Radio broadcasts on 98.6 FM to Portsmouth, Havant and the surrounding area.

Angel Radio broadcasts on DAB to North Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Dorset, Surrey, London, Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge, Norwich, Salisbury, Tynemouth and South Shields.

Angel Radio has won over 20 awards for its work, including The Queen’s Award, and Best Radio Station Serving its Listeners in the South of England.

Link to original Cork Echo interview: Sharleen Spiteri on life, love and loss... as she prepares to step on the Cork Opera House stage

Angel Radio contact: Tony Smith: Station Manager: tony@angelradio.uk

Angel Radio contact: Tony Smith: Station Manager: 0771 7717 333

Angel Radio reception desk: 0800 014 1955