UK lockdown: how do the new coronavirus restrictions apply to community radio?

Last Friday (20th March), DCMS confirmed that key community radio station personnel will be classified as Key Workers:

The following guidance applies to schools - is not statutory - and is not meant to be prescriptive.

The general principles are:

  • that if critical workers can work from home, they should;
  • that if critical workers cannot work from home, they should leave their child at home if it is safe to do so; and
  • if critical workers cannot do either, they should send their child to school.

Schools are being asked to be flexible in their approach but it is ultimately a matter for parents affected and schools to apply.

It is likely that some form of identification (a letter) or a station pass, supported by official photo-ID, will suffice to identify Key Workers.

However, station managers are urged to exercise care and discretion to minimise the number of personnel on site. Community radio stations should take steps to operate with minimal skeleton staff and to make appropriate arrangements for remote working.

It is critical at this extremely difficult time that we all play our part in reducing the transmission of the coronavirus and not overloading the health system which will be stretched to its utmost limits.

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