Traffic accident? Call a reporter! How journalists are forcing change in Liberia

“Residents of the mountainous Gibi district had been pleading with government officials to repair a collapsed culvert that was cutting off their only road to emergency health services and the rest of the country. For weeks the requests were ignored. But when Degleh picked his way up the muddy pass on a motorbike to tell the story on community radio and online at Local Voices Liberia, his report caught the public’s attention.”

This article in The Guardian of 12th October shows how trained community journalists in Liberia are delivering positive social benefits to their neighbourhoods with regard to health care provision.

Some of this work is supported by Internews and The 2017 Community Media Conference was fortunate enough to provide a platform to Sauossen Ben Cheikh who currently works in Internews’ Middle East and North Africa team supporting local media and civil society development programs.