Tracks from one source

Good morning all.

Bit if a simple question, I’ve been asked about "how many tracks from one album "
Question is.
How many tracks from a single artist can I play in one show.

I’m sure I have seen something that mentions no more than 3 tracks.
But I can’t find where it is in regulations.
Please can anyone point me in the right direction

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Hi @David_Stimson

From what I can see in the MCPS and PRS Licence, permission does not extend to playing out a whole piece of work, for example playing out a whole film or a whole album. However, it would be possible to discuss an album and include samples and experts as long as there is no intention to play the album from start to finish uninterrupted.

This is from section 7:

Joint MCPS and PRS Permissions, Exclusionsand Limitations
7.1 The MCPS Licence and the PRS Licence apply only in relation to use on the Licensed Station and only to the extent that the Licensed Station is, and remains throughout the Term, a Permitted Service.
7.2 Where any Repertoire Work forms part of any Dramatico-Musical Work, the MCPS Licence and the PRS Licence shall not apply to the reproduction or Communication to the Public of:
(a) the whole Dramatico-Musical Work;
(b) any excerpt(s) from such Dramatico-Musical Work unless all of the following circumstances apply:
(i) the Programme Material contains only excerpt(s) within the definition of Permitted Excerpts; and
(ii) the Licensors have not notified the Licensee in writing that their Member or associated society member objects to the reproduction or Communication to the Public of any such Repertoire Work.

As ever I would check with PRS to be on the safe side.

The full licence can be downloaded here:


Although I don’t know how it applies to this situation, be aware there are bizarre rules. I know a capital DJ from the 80s who did an overnight soul show. That show was frankly the runt of the litter and so all needletime was reserved for the daytime shows. Soul worked well as it often had small labels. Apparently PRS used to allow you to play only so many from the big labels in a day but smaller labels were just happy to have any air play and royalties, plus it was unlikely the small labels would ever be played throughout the day.

Tricks were done such as playing a song and claiming it was a Murfin cover or when songs were originally with a small label and got re released on a big label then saying things like “that was xyz on small label” even though it was clearly being played from a lp with a big label name on. Good musical knowledge was needed for that, but he is a very knowledgeable DJ, has hosted several prime time TV shows.

Other tricks were to tell the djs to bring their own records in. There was a limit on the number of records they could have in their library. Another was to do a deal with the record shop across the road where they would send the djs over to pick their records from their collection and the old ones that hadn’t been played for a while would be returned on a one in one out basis to keep the number of records in the building within limits.

When you think these tricks were carried out by Capital you can only imagine what else was going on in the industry and the bizarre rules otherwise.

Caroline was one of the few to start the full album playing trick. There was a rule somewhere that more than X number of songs in a row uninterrupted from an album constituted whole play as people could just record the station and get the whole album. We do whole album plays sometimes and separate it with other songs and bits. This is both good for the listener but also PRS (or ppl, I get them confused) have already said this is what they want.

It is s double edged sword having the local PRS (or ppl?) office in our city and having several of them who enjoy listening to our station!

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