Tone FM Presenter Gains Recognition at Cardiff Student Media Awards


One of Tone FM’s longest-standing presenters, Giles Cosgrove, who hosts the station’s Alternative Show has won two awards at the 2022 Cardiff Student Media Awards for his self-created radio drama “Freshers”.

Originally created for Xpress, the student radio station linked to Cardiff University, the drama takes you into the lives of a group of Freshers at the start of their university journey, and all the ups and downs that follow.

Giles set about the creation of the ambitious six-part drama back in 2019. However, wanting it to be truly authentic the Drama very nearly didn’t make It, as it was cancelled mid-production the first time around for being too edgy. However with a few script changes and another edit, it was then given the green light, and production continued mid-pandemic.

“I wanted to be authentic and that’s why the dialogue that got to air was barely edited from when, at the age of 19, I wrote all six episodes” highlights Giles.

“It was an incredibly personal project, drawing from various aspects of my
own experience and channelling my love of the work of John Hughes, Richard Curtis, whilst also giving a nod back to the Channel Four show “Skins”.

With the help of a superb production team, and the cast of actors. “Freshers” was finally completed and broadcast on Xpress, with a podcast version following. However, it wasn’t always the easiest project to complete due to Covid restrictions.

“Recording any media production with restrictions in place wasn’t easy and “Freshers” was no exception” explains Giles.

”As we were unable to gain access to a proper studio because of occupancy limitations we were left recording in meeting rooms with a portable mixing desk and any microphones we could get our hands on".

As the season came to the final broadcast date Giles’ vision was recognised by The Cardiff Student Media Awards, where he was presented with the Best Producer, and Best Podcast awards.

“The awards were certainly the icing on a cake, and it was a cake that has spent a long time in the oven with a team of the immensely talented cast and crew involved every step of the way. I started out with a vision, “television without pictures” but it was the whole team that made the vision real”, said Giles.

Having now completed its broadcast run with Xpress the aim is to now bring “Freshers” to Tone FM later this year for a second outing.

Tone FM Station Director Patch Jobson is looking forward to the broadcast, “Giles’ passion for radio is just infectious. He has hosted our Alternative Show for many years now and his knowledge of his content is second to none. We’re really looking forward to bringing Freshers to ToneFM later this year and adding it into our schedule”