The Towns Web Archiving (TWA) Heritage Digitisation Grant returns for 2022!

The Digitisation Grant will be opening on 20th June 2022. This will be the grant’s fifth year, having undergone an overhaul in 2021 to better prepare for this coming period of recovery.

The TWA grant has supported a great many projects over the years and many of the recipients have gone on to do things digitally that they would not have been able to achieve physically. Every year TWA looks at what the industry needs in the given climate, and what adaptations should be made to the grants to meet those needs.

For 2022 they have made the following key changes:

  • £3,000 x 4 grants
  • £500 will be added to the Match Funding pot per application

In summary, there will be an additional grant of £3,000 available, to ensure more organisations can benefit from the financial support. This year a Match Funding Pot will be created into which £500 will be added per funding application. This pot could become very substantial indeed and each accepted applicant will be eligible to claim up to £1000 in funding for their digitisation project.

Keep the opening date of 20th June 2022 in your diary, or you can sign up to the TWA blog for all grant-related releases, and keep an eye on their newly designated digitisation grant page