The Sporting Heritage Summit 2019

Sporting Heritage CIC is bringing its annual conference - its ‘summit’ - to Cardiff this year. Details here

There are links between the sporting heritage sector and community media. For example, the majority of sporting heritage collections are run and maintained by voluntary effort and very local in focus. They rely on local press/media channels to raise awareness, money and interest in their work. The CIC (amongst many other things) acts as an umbrella and infrastruture body to help this and to do it ‘at scale’ be that regionally, in devolved administrations or nationwide.

They have a fledgling podcast channel on Soundloud that is still finding its voice and feet but is generating interest and connecting different bits of disparate sporting heritage community. I’m helping curate this content and there’s fascinating discussions about sports such as rowing, shinty and basketball that rarely get many column inches or press coverage in the UK.

I wonder to what extent these sports’ communities organising ther own outlets to articulate their voice, history and values has a parallel with other community media and their motives for starting.

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