The Seven Cs. Collaboration

Attended an excellent workshop day at Exeter Uni at Penryn on Saturday. Organised by Matthew Taylor (thanks Matthew!) with inspiring and informative talks and workshops from Matthew, Bill Best, Gloria Khamkar, Matty ab Dewi, Jerry Padfield and Rob Watson. (Hope I got all your names right; doing this from memory!)
Rob did a workshop along the lines of What is news and how to find it. Group exercise to look at the steps to take to find a story.
For me, this developed into the Cs.
Community. Collaboration.Cooperation. Commonality. Communication. Collective. Compassion. The 7 Cs. That has a nice ring to it! Would appreciate thoughts and comments in the spirit of the 7 Cs.


Ah. Sorry Matthew. Rogers not Taylor.

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Many thanks, @marianfarwest - great to meet you and thanks for this post. The Seven C’s - that’s certainly something to take forward!

It was Matthew Rogers - @MatthewRogers on here. And we also have @Rob-Watson and @gkhamkar on this forum.

I think that keeping in mind the Seven C’s could be a useful methodology to both design and evaluate a community media workshop as was delivered last weekend i.e. how will this workshop develop a sense of community, how did this workshop foster communication? With that in mind, I hope that we did manage to plug in to the Seven C’s that you have identified.

Many thanks for that - I shall bear the Seven C’s in mind for future community outreach events.

All the best for now


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Thanks @marianfarwest it was a very productive session, and getting a seven-point framework out of it is a great way forward. Hopefully we can grow and extend the Citizen Journalism and Community Media networks in Cornwall with more events in the future.

Rob :slight_smile:

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Thank you @marianfarwest. It was indeed an excellent thought-provoking day.

Loved your idea of 7 Cs. I would say that they are all inseparable and thus makes it a complete circle.

Agree with @billbest and @Rob-Watson. We can design and evaluate our community media workshops, and yes, hopefully another one again in Cornwall!

Best wishes,

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Taylor was my mother’s maiden name so you weren’t a million miles away :grinning:

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