The next #RadioFromHome campaign takes place at 9:15am on Friday 1st May

Following the previous #RadioFromHome initiative on 30th March, which apparently trended on Twitter at #21 in the UK, we are going to give it another try but this time with the aim of getting #RadioFromHome and #SupportCommunityRadio trending to get politicians, Ofcom and Government to recognise the valuable work of the sector during these unprecedented times.

At 9:15am on Friday 1st May, we are asking every station, director, trustee and volunteer to tweet the same message with a photo of them in their home studio, or continuing to broadcast during the crisis. Please share this project with your team so they can take part too.

The message to tweet is below:

Right now 100’s of #communityradio stations like @INSERTSTATION continue to deliver local #RadioFromHome. It’s vital that our communities, politicians, government & business owners help #SupportCommunityRadio in our area /cc @DCMS, @Ofcom @JWhittingdale @OliverDowden

If you have room (280 characters maximum), we also suggest that you tag in local MPs or Assembly Members in the devolved Nations.

Along with this, it would be great if stations can play The Beatles - “All You Need is Love” at 9:15am as this will be the mechanism for some fantastic publicity which we can push to the local, regional and national press following the campaign.