The Digital Fund - 22 Oct to 3rd Dec

The Digital Fund is a new UK wide £15 million funding programme to support charities and community organisations. It is about helping the charity and voluntary sector to use digital tools and approaches to support people and communities to thrive.

You can submit outline proposals from 22nd October 2018 until 5pm 3rd December 2018. There will be further opportunities to apply in 2019.

Strand 2 eligibility criteria here.

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Does anyone want to sit down and look at this fund and see if we can put something together that supports digital engagement for community media?

I’d be happy to chat on the phone or Skype?


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Strand 2 would be more relevant to the CMA:

Additional eligibility criteria that apply only to Strand 2

  • Your organisation must have been incorporated after the year 2000. We have taken a decision to focus on newer organisations in this strand following our research for the Digital Fund.
  • You must currently operate a product or service that is functional and being used by the type of people and communities you plan to serve in future

Perhaps this thread should be moved to the Council-only section.