The Community Development Podcast

Hello forum members

Just a quick post to promote The Community Development Podcast (@CommDevtPodcast) I do in a voluntary capacity. I’m based in Cardiff and have almost 20 years CD practice and experience in Wales. I started the podcast in 2017 to help connect an increasingly fragmented workforce and share learning among it. I’m 18 episodes in with another being recorded this week about CD in Northern Ireland. One episode involved Rob Watson; some of you may have heard of him…

If you know of any CD activities taking place anywhere in the UK or beyond and which would like to share what they do with other CD practitioners feel free to put them in touch with me via Twitter or at

I also do a podcast about the Wales football team which is 82 episodes strong. I’ve largely learned through doing rather than undertaking any particular formal training or learning and I’m curious to know whether this experience is par for the course in community podcast media