The Centre for Cultural Value pre-call announcement

The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) will be announcing a call in September 2018 that will lead to the creation of a new national Centre for Cultural Value, the first of its kind in the UK.

The aim of the Centre for Cultural Value will be to advance understanding of the value of arts and culture in the UK and abroad, to present how this value is being captured and to encourage organisations to act on that knowledge. As such, the Centre will function as a custodian and communicator, broker and facilitator; it will synthesise existing research and bring together organisations and sectors with an interest in using evidence about cultural value in their work.

Its purpose will be not only to consolidate and communicate what we know about cultural value, but also to broker and facilitate new ways of thinking and working across the sectors.


Thanks for sharing this @Bill. I was speaking with @lucinda earlier and we talked about the need for the CMA to develop and support a research network that can examine, explain and promote the social benefit of community media.

At conference in September, Iā€™m going to make a very short presentation about these objectives, but if anyone wants to start discussing how this might work, who might be involved and what the terms of a practitioner-led, research network would need, then this funding call is a very good start.

Message me or email me if you want to chat off-line. (


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