The Birth of Radio - 15th June 2020

15th June 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of The Birth of Radio when the
world’s first radio broadcast employing a professional performer was made
from the Marconi studios in Chelmsford.

As an alternative to mark the many cancelled events a number of online
presentations have been created. These include two video shorts:

The Birth of Radio from The Essex Hundred, with Peter Fry - approx 3 minutes long.
YouTube link:-

The Birth of British Broadcasting 1920 -1922 with Tim Wander - 22 minutes long.
YouTube link:-

AND on Monday 15 June 2020 19:00 - 20:15
Live streamed via Facebook and also part available on BBC Essex

The Power Behind the Microphone

A recreation of the first live radio entertainment broadcast where Dame Nellie took to the airwaves exactly 100 years earlier. At 7:10 pm, international opera star Anna Steiger will step up to the microphone to recreate the concert given by Madame Melba as part of a radio play based on the story of that fateful night and the breakthroughs that made it possible. Chelmsford City Theatres will stream a video feed of the play to
its Facebook page where it will also be available to watch after the live event. The first part of the play, including the recreation of the Melba concert, will also be broadcast live on BBC Essex.


A good broadband connection is essential, full screen and audio recommended.

Alternatively, watch on a smart TV if applicable. Through the smart button on the remote find the YouTube channel. Search for video titles and select appropriately.