The Arts Council Strategy: 2020-2030

After two years of public consultation, the Arts Council has revealed its new strategy for 2020-2030: #LetsCreate.

Let’s Create is a blank canvas. It’s an invitation to you from the Arts Council to help bring their vision to life; to join in transforming England into a truly creative nation in which every one of us can play a part.

The Arts Council says:

Over the next decade, in our national role, we will:

  • Build our capacity, understanding and knowledge at a local level by retaining our network of local offices, combining this with strong national intelligence. We will continue to bring together local and national decision making to ensure that we operate as an effective development agency.
  • Establish, nurture and maintain strong partnerships – including across national and local government, in all areas of education, and with the commercial, not-for-profit and voluntary sectors.
  • Grow our expertise and capacity to support and broker more international opportunities for organisations and individuals working in culture.
  • Provide platforms for debate and support the cultural sector to learn from the best new ideas from around the world.
  • React quickly and effectively to national and local opportunities and challenges.
  • Strive to be relevant and responsive to the public, the cultural sector and the places that we are here to serve, by listening and giving voice to a wide a range of people, including young people.