The 2017 Community Media Conference

The Community Media Conference 2017
Saturday 23rd September - The Station,
Twitter hashtag: #cma17conf

09:30am Registration and tea/coffee

10:15am Welcome and Introduction – Lucinda Guy (CMA Chair), Roger Griffith, (Ujima Radio)

10:25am Panel 1: Voices for Change
What is the role of community media in a changing world? How do we
give a voice to diversity? How do we respond to world events and how
they affect our local communities? What is the role of community media
in the media landscape?

  • Rob Watson (Chair) - De Montfort University
  • Sauossen Ben Cheikh - Internews
  • Mary Dowson - Bradford Community Broadcasting
  • Lawrie Hallett - CMFE
  • Sid Ryan – The Bristol Cable
  • Alec Saelens - The Bristol Cable

11:10am Community Media for Community Development
Presented by Hannah Parry, Viewpoint Community Media
Case studies: Bradford Community Broadcasting, Ujima Radio

11:40am Employment FM video introduced by Cormac Lawler, Radio Regen

11:45am Break

12:00pm Panel 2: Community Ownership for Fairer Media
How can we build sustainability through the right business model? How
do we borrow ideas from non-media sectors? What kinds of community
media business models demonstrate best practice of community
ownership? What is there beyond grants and/or advertising? How do we
communicate our social value to supporters? How do we offer a real
alternative to ‘big media’?

  • Steve Buckley (Chair) - SheffieldLive
  • Hazel Healy - New Internationalist
  • Anna Merryfield - Social Spider
  • Dave Sharp - Academy FM
  • Marta Zukowska - School for Social Entrepreneurs

1:00pm Lunch and networking
Exhibitors’ stands: Hindenburg, Radio News Hub, The Radio Hub,
Community Radio Awards

2:00pm Afternoon session #1 - Workshops and Masterclass

  • Small-scale DAB update - Steve Buckley (SheffieldLive), Bill Best (CMA), Lucinda Guy (Soundart Radio)
  • Employment FM - Cormac Lawler (Radio Regen)
  • The Radio Hub: local networks - Danny Lawrence BEM, (Gateway FM)
  • Media Against Hate - Hannah Parry (Viewpoint Community Media)
  • Radio Production Masterclass* - Nick Dunkerley (Hindenburg)

The Workshops are repeated at 3:00pm so delegates have a choice of two (one from each session). *The Radio Production Masterclass starts at 2:00pm and runs over sessions 1 and 2 start. There will be no late admittance to the Masterclass.

2:45pm Break and changeover

3:00pm Afternoon session #2 - Workshops
Session #2 is a repeat of session #1 with the exception of the Radio Production Masterclass which starts at 2.00pm. There is no late admittance to the Masterclass.

3:45pm Break and changeover

4:00pm Panel 3: Creative Responses with Community Media
How do artists working in community media respond to global events and to local issues? What can we say without words when words fail us? What unique creative possibilities does community media afford - what can we do that wouldn’t happen in other media? How do we empower
people’s creativity to challenge traditional media formats and tell untold stories?

  • Caroline Mitchell (Chair) - Transnational Radio Encounters
  • Maggie Ayre - BBC Arts
  • Magz Hall - Radio Arts, University of Canterbury
  • Howard Jaques - Resonance FM
  • Lona Kozik - Sounding Coastal Change
  • Sam Richards - Sounding Coastal Change
  • Adrian Sinclair - Chapel FM, Heads Together

4:45pm Conclusions and wrap up

5:00pm Finish and networking


Looking forward to a great day!

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Hello Bill. Is there any online photo alnums from the conference, I wouldn’t mind geeting some for my page. Thank in advance…

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Hi Paul,
There is a full gallery of photos here

These were taken by Fiona Oliver - could you credit her for any you repost?
Hope you enjoyed the conference - would be great to hear any thoughts.


Hi Lucinda, thanks, I will have a glance throught them, and yes, if I use any I will credit her, of course… The conference I always enjoy, it’s impossible to agree with everything said, but a great event for sure, and I find them very helpful as well.

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Hi Paul

I believe that the online photos are not set to download currently. In the meantime, you could take screenshots of the pictures.

I’ll request that the images in the online gallery are made downloadable.

All the best for now


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I’d like to congratulate Fiona on the number and quality of her images.
Some I felt however weren’t too complimentary and maybe should be removed?
What’s the legal situation about publishing a photograph without the subject’s knowledge or permission?

The legal situation is that you dont need peoples permission to take their photo in a public space, or in a private space unless there was an expectation of privacy (eg someones home)… although thats then moving more into journalistic practice.

Taking is one thing - what you do with it is quite another.
I think it would be fairer to just have said that photographs would be taken of the event and delegates - and anyone who had an objection should make that known before the end.
As for “journalistic practice” - “bull” and “red rag” time!

Wow, an amazing set of photos - they really show how intense and focussed the day was! I think I need to shave more often! Excellent

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Thank you Bill, yeh I just screen printed them, and edited accordingly, but I agree, it would have been quicker were they easier to download…

Very good quality photos - though there appears to be one absence :wink: