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Our Annual Fundraiser starts today and runs from 5th to 14th February 2021. Once a year - and only once a year - we ask our you, our listeners, to help us maintain, extend and enhance our unique and pioneering radio stations, Resonance FM and Resonance Extra.

We’ve been broadcasting now for 19 years and have managed to do so without interrupting (and ruining) our programmes with advertisements for things you don’t want or need. We’ve steadily improved the quality of our service and extended our reach, so that now our broadcasters are heard in five UK cities, with listeners online in 170 countries.

We’ve maintained our independence and spirit of adventure. And we continue to surprise ourselves and our audience. Right now we’re upgrading our transmitter to improve sound quality and save your ears; and we’re in the midst of negotiations for use of an amazing space as our very own pop-up radio theatre.

Each year Resonance offers you half a million minutes of extraordinary radio for free.

That’s got to be worth something.

Half a million hand-crafted minutes of new music, insight, opinion, provocation and audio art - an unparalleled platform for creativity, shared expertise and audible enthusiasm.

That’s surely worth one minute of your time. One minute. That’s all it takes to make a donation or reach out to our contributors.

Please connect to Resonance today. Visit and support their initiatives - including a lovely live-streamed gig by Art Terry from Cafe OTO, two outstanding Outerglobe DJ relays on Mixcloud Live, a crazy Curtain Up Show quiz, an astonishing Artrocker compilation, and The Hello Goodbye Show’s epic Pay As You Go. We’ll add more to the site as we head towards St Valentine’s Day.

Dig deep and show your love for free media at!**