Sparklab/Community Radio Partnership Project

Sparklab Productions are looking for community radio stations around the UK, coastal and inland, to partner with for this ambitious pitch to the Audio Content Fund.

The pitch: CATCH OF THE DAY is a story of our times. Much more than a post-Brexit series, Sparklab would like 2021 to be the year in which we find out what life is really like for our coastal communities. What does the future hold for the UK fishing industry?

The series is the story of fishing, covering six broad themes in 6 x 30’ features, broken into 5 minute audio postcards across the week with a full omnibus version at the weekend. This extends the reach of the audio and allows for a steady build towards each of the full features.

Sparklab recently made a highly successful Audio Content funded series structured in this way called Space Is The Place in partnership with Jazz FM.

Catch_of_the_day_pitch.docx (18.5 KB)
Catch_of_the_day_postcards.pdf (4.7 MB)