Sounding Out: Is Radio Dead?

Is radio dead? Recent Rajar figures show that 16 to 24-year olds are listening to the radio less and less as the years tick by and radio is competing against the big streaming services for their listening attention. BBC Director of Radio and Music, Bob Shennan, has acknowledged that radio needs to reinvent itself to stay alive while others have been more blunt, saying radio as we know it has just 10 years left.

Radio Today participants:

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I went along to this event. Some very good speakers, very interesting

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What was the gist of the argument @TerryLee? :grinning:

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Funnily enough, with the BBC director there, and other radio bods, the jist was… No. It isn’t :joy:

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An example of Betteridge’s Law of Headlines which states: “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no:laughing: