Small Charities Lose Out in Winning Funding

There’s an interesting comment piece in the Guardian the other day about how small charities are often shut-out of the bidding process for funding for services because they lack the resources of the larger organisations.

This is based on a report from the Lloyds Bank Foundation, which recognises, according to Kim Shutler-Jones, that

The commissioning process can be a challenge for small charities like ours. We don’t have dedicated bidding teams and there have been times when we have been excluded from bidding because we don’t have a big enough turnover. The research shows that this is common. Across the country, 84% of local government investment in charities goes to larger charities. This means rich, person-centred delivery based on deep knowledge of local communities is being lost and, sadly, small charities are disappearing all the time.

Would it also be useful if we could collact stories from community media groups in the UK that reflect similar experiences with funding and service contracts?


This is interesting - I’ve felt for some time that this is the case. A key issue for many of us is not having a professional fundraiser in our team, so applications find it hard to compete with those written with that level of expertise.
One of the ways round this might be by forming consortiums that can apply for funds to be shared out.

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