Safeguarding the BBC’s Impartiality for independent productions


Tuesday 17th May from 1000 - 1100

About this session

Impartiality is a key skill for anyone making BBC content and it’s at the heart of the BBC’s relationship with audiences. Achieving impartiality is a skill and can be tricky because it doesn’t always have easy-to-follow, hard-and-fast rules. This training is an opportunity to explore and understand this element of the BBC Guidelines.

Who’s it for?

Executive producers of independent production companies who produce content in news, current affairs or factual journalism production. “Factual journalism includes returning strands which cover topical issues (for example Countryfile, The One Show and Woman’s Hour), and other programmes predominantly covering subject matter of a topical (including social and consumer matters) or potentially political nature.”

Session outline

After completing the session participants will have positive, fresh insights into the key editorial value of impartiality including:

• what the BBC means by impartiality and due impartiality, and why it’s fundamental to maintaining trust in the BBC.

• how impartiality can help storytelling.