Rock Station Tackles Mental Health Head On

The Only Rock Show That Links Rock Music To Mental Health Issues

Greater Manchester Rock Radio is one of the few community web-based radio stations in the world that concentrates on rock music and is now providing some light at the end of the tunnel for those who have mental health problems. The new show aimed at providing some support to people who may be suffering from mental health issues - “Keep Calm and Put a Record On” may only be three weeks old but it is already getting a great response from people from all over the UK

Tony Charles the station manager says “When Alex Hope approached us with the idea of presenting a show focussed on rock music and mental health we could not turn him away”. Tony who has personal experiences of mental health issues himself loves the programme and thinks it should be taken on by other radio stations. “The show fits really well into our schedule as we cater for all types of rock music new and classic and we encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to become one of our volunteer presenters”.

The presenter Alex who has worked as a mental health nurse for nearly 30 years is passionate about radio and playing music.

“The idea of the show is to provide a safe space for people to focus on the area of mental health by, listening, learning and laughing”.

To contact the ‘Keep Calm and Put a Record On’ show e-mail –

The show goes out each Sunday at 8pm and is then repeated on Mondays at 1pm and you can tune in at The station is currently looking for more volunteer presenters with any ideas - Contact