Request to twin from an Australian CR station

Name: Brodie Goozee

Organisation or Group Name: RPPFM Mournington Victoria Australia




I am the President of RPPFM a Community Radio Station near Melbourne in Australia. You will find us streaming on the net.

As we are different ends of the day spectrum we are exploring the idea of having a Sister Station who we can ‘switch on’ during our night time to give our locals a vibrant listening alternative and, of course, deliver the same.

If you know of a Station that might suit our profile I should like to explore options with them. Our Web space will give you an idea of our mix which is broad. Indeed we have one show on a Monday where we have several listeners from the UK so while you winter we summer etc which might make for some fun alternative listening.

I leave the issue with you, it could be an interesting experiment and if it works we might even consider different stations each night of the week. However lets see if there is any interest.

Kind Regards

Brodie Goozee
President RPPFM