Reporting with Impact, 26th February, London

Media has the power to shape the agenda and provoke change. But at a time when the news cycle is overwhelmed by fast-changing international events or is heavily focused on domestic themes, it can be difficult to know how to get your story noticed.

As a journalist or filmmaker you may have access to a story with the potential for impact, but how do you ensure it will get picked up by commissioners, engage audiences, and in turn, shift opinion?

Join us at Channel 4 headquarters for a day of sessions exploring these questions by bringing together leading industry experts to discuss social impact and media.

This year’s event will be focusing on environmental reporting, with special guests including Liz Bonnin, Gethin Chamberlain, Tom Clarke, Monica Garnsey, Phil Harding, Craig Hunter, Nicola Milne, Rosamund Pearce, and Sue Turton.