Remote Access to Studio playout

We have used a certain piece of remote access software for a while but it seems the party’s over on the free version. Too many people logging in to the station pc’s to load their shows, move files around and adjust the scheduling and playout functions.
Does anyone have a similar problem or use software that is free to use?
Rupert Kirkham


Hi Rupert

Some free alternatives include:

Hope that helps.



At the moment, we have VNC servers set up on all of our machines (using TightVNC, as it’s free and easy to manage).

For tasks that don’t require a UI, we’ve also got SSH servers running on most of our machines.

To enable remote access to these, there’s a VPN gateway running on our main network router, and the router comes with a dynamic DNS hostname by default, so getting in remotely is pretty straightforward :slightly_smiling_face:

Cal McLean

Possibly looking at - is it something anyone has experience with? It looks good on paper but not had chance to play around with much yet.

We have had issues with the same thing and now we use an alternative called Remote Utilities. Can’t fault it at all

We have settled on RemotePC which seems to work fine and is on offer for the first year for £6.95!
Thanks for all your input
Rupert, Frome FM