Ready Edited, Entertainment Content - Exclusively for Community Radio

I want to get you access to entertainment audio that’s previously only been given to the BIG group stations.

Hi there, My name’s Sophie Malcolm and I’m an Independent Radio Journalist. Having worked for Global, Bauer and the BBC, It became very clear to me that these three groups get access to tonnes of entertainment audio that just isn’t made available to smaller, independent, community stations. So getting hold of that audio and giving it to you (for free) has become my one woman mission.

I’d love to hear from you about what kind of entertainment audio you feel you don’t get good access to and what you’d like to hear more of.

If you tell me what you want I will chase it up for you…

BTW - You may have seen some of my ready edited content via the hub I created called ‘The Klaxon’. After the Covid lull I will be re-posting new film, music and TV stories on here in September.

But right now I’m keen to get myself up and running as your local radio entertainment journalist - so do let me know what content you’d like me to start chasing for your shows.