Radio Station Remains Safely On Air with Council Funding

Equipment that will help keep a local community radio station securely and more reliably on the air is to be purchased after the Awards Panel at Erewash Borough Council granted an application for funding.

In a society ever more reliant on technology, Erewash Sound, a non-profit making community interest company, relies on this very same type of equipment to run its various computer-based systems including how audio is fed and played out and how data is managed.

With the advance of technology, old equipment can quickly become obsolete, unable to be upgraded and therefore more susceptible to breakdown and even failure beyond repair. This very apparent risk led to an application being submitted to the borough council when a window of opportunity opened.

After the closing date, there was a nervous wait to see if the application had been a success, but, within the last week, Community Engagement Officer Colin Handley contacted the radio station, to inform that the Awards Panel had seen in favour of the radio station application and had granted the maximum sum available under the Community Grants Scheme - £2,000.

Erewash Sound IT Director Paul Stacey explained how important it is for the radio station to be able to replace the existing ageing equipment. He said: "Our current server, which holds the Erewash Sound music library and allows our computer-based audio playout system to work in all of our studios, was kindly donated to us but has now become quite elderly at 14 years old. The age of the current server means that we can only get used spare parts and are also limited in options for keeping the operating system up-to-date.

In order to maintain Erewash Sound’s 24x7 radio service, the new server will see us operating from more reliable hardware that won’t require frequent outages and hardware replacements. It will also allow us to use a more modern operating system to keep us in line with future security updates.

With the growth of the Erewash Sound Academy, it will also allow us to support a growing number of users training in multiple studios and editing suites.

The new equipment is expected to be purchased before the end of the current financial year. Radio station officials will be providing verification of the completion of the project being funded to Erewash Borough Council as part of the conditions of the award.