Radio and Loneliness - Austrailian Experience

Thanks to @JoC for pointing me in the direction of this paper from Simon Order at Murdoch University in Australia:

“All the lonely people, where do they all belong: Community radio and social connection”

which is in the Radio Journal – International Studies in Broadcast Audio Media (15:2) [Subscription needed].

There is a copy of the report that Simon authored for the Australin Community Broadcasting Foundation that can be accessed online as a pdf.

“Community Radio - the Joy of Social Connection”

The report identifies that Research shows that loneliness and social isolation have been shown to be just as much of a threat to our well - being as obesity, smoking 15 cigarettes a day or being an alcoholic Lonely people are more likely to experience drug abuse, depression,alcoholism and suicide. Loneliness is also linked to heart disease, stroke and negative socio-economic outcomes. Increasing community connection and social cohesion is widely recognised as the path to reducing loneliness.

And that Simon’s

Research reveals that community broadcasting is ideally suited to assist in increasing social connection for lonely people. “Community broadcasting in Australia should be valued as a medium to reduce social isolation and enrichcommunity cohesion.,”

I’m sure examples of the social value of community radio and community media as a platform for aliviating loneliness is something many of us can attest to and identify from our own work.


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