Radio Academy Trustee Elections 2019 – Voting now open

The Radio Academy is seeking three members to join its Board of Trustees. Following a month’s application process, the Radio Academy is happy to showcase everyone who has provided their details to fill one of these roles.

All Radio Academy members have three unique votes that they may use to decide on the successful applicants. Voting closes at midnight on the 3rd February 2019 , and any votes after this day and time will not be included.

Trustees serve a three-year term and are expected to play an active role in creating, planning and implementing Radio Academy initiatives, as well as attending six board meetings per year in London. They should bring with them significant experience and understanding of the UK audio sector. Please see the full list of names below and simply login to vote.

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Sorry to be stupid but presumably we need to be members of the radio academy first?

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Hi @SamHunt, as members of the Community Media Association you qualify for affiliate membership of the Radio Academy.

I was thinking something like this may be the case. I will investigate. I know some of the people listed there, some are idiots and others would be quite good, so want to make sure the good people get in.

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Having attended the Radio Academy’s recent AGM I very much like the look of its new leadership and management. It would be good to get better representation of community radio at the centre of the Academy. For Radio Academy members please support my election as a trustee and help build the presence, in the UK Radio industries leading charity, for using radio and audio to drive positive social change. The impact to individuals, communities and society of communications and media training is the recurring theme of all my work. Head to