Quick Techical Advice Please

Greetings everybody, I was wondering if anybody could help me, if I embed a radio player on more than one site, and direct them all to the same edcast stream, will they all work?

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edcast stream? do you mean the source encoder? as the answer is no, as normally you point edcast at a streaming server to host the listeners.

hello martin, how are ya… The same stream for my radio players, so people can listen to my content whatever site they are on, basically all three players will try and pick up the same stream…

Hi @PaulNewman - yes this will work.

So if you have, for example, a URL for a stream as follows:


then you may post that stream location anywhere you like.

You can post that link into three different radio player widgets on three different websites (or as many websites as you like), you can publish that link to Twitter, Facebook etc.

Yes, you can use the stream URL in the way that you mention.



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Ah brilliant thanks Bill, I wasn’t sure, as when I was at Peterborough FM more than one link to the same player being used at the sime time, seemed to cause disconnection sometimes, so i didn’t want them all to fight over it and get in each other’s way… I’ll have to give it a go, as one of my sites seems to be getting more traffic than the others, so I figured I may as well stick a radio player module on it when I’m broadcasting… Thanks for the clarification…

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Yes @PaulNewman, you can post your player link wherever you like. Post it on Twitter, Facebook, and different websites.

Of course, only one encoder can stream to the URL at any one time - and an existing stream cannot be kicked off by another encoder attempting to use it.

Not sure what the problem might have been at Peterborough FM.

Anyway, if you need more advice just shout :slight_smile:

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Ah superb thanks Bill, no me neither regarding Peterborough FM, some funny things go on there… There is one more thing I wouldn’t mind moving forward technically, and that is being able to record both a microphone and stereo mix at the same time in edcast, that would enable me to start doing live shows, I’m kinda limited to pre - recorded stuff currently. I only have one laptop, what equipment would I need in order to get master volume and microphione into edcast at the same time?

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Hi @PaulNewman, sounds like your most of the way there.

Does your laptop have a mic input? If not, a USB mic might work.

Or, failing that, you have an external sound card into which you can plug a mic - or you have an external mixer that you plug your mic into. All increasing levels of complexity.

But to simplify things, plug a mic into your laptop and make sure that ‘Stereo Mix’ is selected within Edcast - that should do the trick. ‘Stereo Mix’ ensures that everything that goes through the sound card is passed to Edcast. However, if you have an on-board mic then it is possible that that might be activated - you’d have to try and see.

But first get an external mic and try a few settings with that.

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Thanks Bill, the problem I have is that my inbuilt Mic, which Is all I have has it’s own option in the edcast I have, so it’s one or the other, I have the same problem in Audition as well, which means when I record an interview, I struggle to record both voices at the same time… It’s getting there though, I just about wing it…

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I suppose @PaulNewman that you have no separate microphone port…

If you have the cash, 12 quid, a USB microphone might do the trick.

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Yeh, that could be the difference Bill, hopefully one day we will be in a position to start asking for donated equipment, that’s the plan anyway, but with a lack of premises, we have nowhere to store stuff like that, and if we did, there is no budget, it’s no big deal really, I’m happy with where we are at, after only being incorporated since October, to being the only outlet here in the Boro who took part in World Radio Day in less than six months, the positives outweigh the negatives… I was told that a solution may have been a virtual audio cable, to persuade my PC that the mic I have is external, but I downloaded it and it bafffled me, I had not a clue what was meant to be going on, so I binned it… I guess I’ll have to keep going under the current circumstances, thanks for the advice, much appreciated, as always…

Hi @PaulNewman - I’ve emailed you directly with a couple of ideas that you could try.

If they don’t work then you will have to consider getting an external microphone.

Best regards


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