Power to Change - Bright Ideas Fund

The fund aims to give community groups the support and tools to start setting up a community business. It will also fund consultation with local people and feasibility studies to develop a community business idea meeting local needs.

A change to this round is that the community organisation applying must be less than five years old.

The scheme offers

  1. Business development support: up to 12 days of business development support from Locality, Plunkett Foundation, or Co-operatives UK.

  2. Learning, events and peer networking: the opportunity to learn from existing community businesses, through visits and events

  3. Grant funding: The opportunity to apply for a grant of up to £15,000 to develop your idea and/or improve your organisation’s capability, depending on your needs.

Deadline is 1st December 2017. Full details here: https://mycommunity.org.uk/funding-options/bright-ideas-fund/

That looks like a superb opportunity for existing and planned/new CR stations to get some very vauable help.

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Thank you, Ian.

Let’s hope as many community media projects apply to this fund as possible.

The Power to Change Fund is supportive of community media and community radio projects. The CMA has met with them to explain the requirements of the sector.