Ofcom Visits Gateway 97.8

Some of the Ofcom Spectrum Team and Broadcast Licensing Team visited Gateway 97.8 in Basildon to meet some of the younger radio club members and for a tour of the station.

Gateway 97.8 discussed with the Ofcom team how the community radio station is run, the work undertaken by volunteers, and the media qualifications that the stations’ participants can receive.

Ofcom also saw how the recent improvement to the station’s coverage area has enhanced the station’s engagement with the local community and presented a clearer picture of what community radio is all about.

Chairman of Community Media Association, Danny Lawrence said: “I’m delighted to invite Graham Plumb and some of his team to Gateway 97.8 and I hope that today’s visit builds stronger relationships with Ofcom and other community radio operators”.

Tom Connolly, Broadcast Licensing and Programme Operations at Ofcom, said

“Thank you so much for your hospitality today. I found it enlightening visiting your studio, particularly with regards to the clear social gain that Gateway 97.8 offers its community.”

Graham Plumb, Ofcom’s Director of Spectrum Broadcasting, said:

“I’d like to pass on thanks from our team for taking the time to show us your station and the work that you do. We were blown away by your passion and commitment and the help that you and your volunteers provide to your community, and particularly the young and vulnerable.”