Ofcom Statement: Statement: Local TV licensing - Decision not to advertise or re-advertise certain local TV licences

Ofcom has said they will not be advertising for any more local TV licenses, I think this is a loss for the sector and wonder what can be done about it?

@martinsteers I wonder if this is an opportunity for us to go back to DCMS and ask them to look at the whole approach again, and to undertake some longer studies of why these have been perceived to have failed?

Is anyone undertaking any research into the role and practice of local TV in the UK?

I think it is an opportunity to consult with the community TV sector, speak to those local TV stations that operate more as a community station (lSheffield live prime example) and get their take and yes lobby DCMS for a solution and opportunities that work and are achievable.

What was the CMA’s response to the consultation on the issue earlier this year?

As for academic research, I havent heard of anyone researching in the field, not even sure there is a tv studies group (like the radio email group for academics).

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