Ofcom Statement: Revisions to Digital Radio Technical Codes

Ofcom published a consultation on 4 February 2019 which proposed making changes to the existing technical rules that the UK’s DAB digital radio broadcasters are required to comply with as a condition of their licences. These changes were proposed with the aim of ensuring that the rules remained appropriate and proportionate.

The consultation closed on 28 March 2019, and Ofcom received 28 responses to our proposals from industry stakeholders and members of the public. Ofcom has considered all the points raised by respondents and has made certain revisions to the proposed changes in light of the comments that were received.

This statement concludes the consultation process, sets out an analysis of the points raised by respondents, and includes our final decision on the proposed changes to the technical codes. The new Technical Code documents came into force on 11 June 2019.

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