Ofcom Report on BBC Performance - Limited Expectations

Ofcom have published its annual report on the BBC. I’ve not read the detail yet, but from the published statements one thing is clear in Ofcom’s model of evaluation, that the responsibility of media organisations is to provide media content, and not to facilitate people in the process of making content. Ofcom’s model of media literacies is therefore passive, as we are seen as audiences and consumers, and not as citizen producers with a right to access to make our own media. Fundamental to the CMA is the right of access to the means of media production, so clearly we have a challenge to win over government and regulators to supporting this view more meaningfully.

It would be productive to have some constructive discussion about this, to identify evidence that can back-up this principle, and to form alliances with other organisations that regard the principle of access and the right to make our own media content as central to this issue. Do we need to lobby to change Ofcom’s remit that incorporates the right to create, not just consume?