Ofcom publishes 2019/20 annual plan

Ofcom has today published its 2019/20 Annual Plan, which confirms its areas of work for the next financial year.

Ofcom aims to make communications markets work for everyone. To help achieve this, Ofcom’s priorities for the next year include:

• Better broadband and mobile – wherever you are;
• Fairness for customers;
• Supporting UK broadcasting; and
• Raising awareness of online harms.

The Annual Plan follows consultation with a wide range of stakeholders and consumers. Ofcom has also confirmed its budget and programme of work for 2019/20.


A3.92 The Community Media Association requested that Ofcom adds to its work plan research into the Community Radio Fund to demonstrate its impact and how community radio stations use grants from the fund to leverage access to other funding.

A3.94 We are committed to engaging with DCMS about the Community Radio Fund, and are actively discussing the fund with them as part of our work plan on Small Scale DAB.

Review of spectrum for analogue radio
A3.217 The Community Media Association requested that Ofcom reviews the research available in the public domain/ supplied to Ofcom to ascertain whether spectrum for analogue radio continues to be managed effectively to support the maximum number of stations that can be licensed on analogue. It invited Ofcom to look further into opportunities for continuing to expand capacity for analogue radio broadcasting as well as developing the case for small-scale digital radio broadcasting.

A3.218 We continue to review our technical planning parameters to make optimal use of spectrum and avoid harmful interference. We intend to do some further technical studies over the year to support this aim, for both analogue radio and DAB.