Ofcom Coronavirus update to broadcast licensees – April 2021

Since the beginning of Coronavirus restrictions, Ofcom has provided regular guidance to all broadcasters on how they have reflected the changing situation in their regulatory approach.

This letter provides an update to broadcasters on the current position (previous guidance can be found here: 23 March, 27 April, 26 May and 9 November 2020).

Please note that Ofcom says:

With this in mind, we believe that all licensees should be in a position to start to return to meeting all of the programming and production commitments in their licence. We recognise that restrictions currently remain in place across the UK, and that the planned routes to easing these restrictions over the course of the Spring and Summer varies by nation. As such, in order to give all broadcasters time to make any necessary arrangements and mitigations, we will expect all broadcasters to be meeting all of the conditions within their licence no later than 30 September 2021. This would mean that daily and weekly requirements are met in full from this date, and that best endeavours are made to ensure programming and production levels are broadly in line with annual quotas, noting that these typically run by calendar year.