Norway Has Now Shut Down FM Radio

It’s finally happened in Norway. FM radio has been shut down. Good luck trying to make a digital radio on the kitchen table!

No - Norway has not “shut down FM radio”.
The larger Norwegian broadcasters NRK, NRK, P3 and P4 have fully migrated to DTR (not necessarily “DAB”) and have closed their FM transmission facilities in major conurbations.
Their FM transmissioins and those of smaller broadcasters will continue in the more remote areas.

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@ianh Will this lead to a cascade of expectations then? That is the large broadcasters aren’t using FM that investment and maintenance will be reduced making FM transmission unsustainable?

I think that’s assuming that the smaller broadcasters are using the same site facilities as the larger ones - and that such sites are under some form of overall or central control - as we have here with Arqiva
If so - you could have a point - but somehow I doubt if it will prove a significant threat.

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