MeCCSA Local and Community Media Network

It seems the academic study of community media in the UK is gaining some traction, with the launch of the Media and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA) network for Local and Community Media:

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Subject: New MeCCSA Network: Local and Community Media – call for expressions of interest

Dear Colleagues,

We are inviting expression of interests to join the newly-established MeCCSA Local and Community Media Network.

The aim of the network is to draw together scholars interrogating this landscape to raise the profile of research in this field both in the UK and internationally, and to strengthen its future trajectory. The network also seeks to support and promote the development of research and teaching in the field. Areas for consideration for the network might include, but are not limited to:

• reconceptualising ‘community’

• ‘hyperlocal’ media

• community media

• local news and journalism

• the political economy of legacy and emerging local media

• local public spheres

• cultures and practices of local and/or community media workers

• political communication in the local sphere

• the sustainability of local and/or community media and journalism platforms

• the impact of social media on the meaning and making of the local/the local on social media platforms

• changing local media ecosystems

• the cultures and practices of local media production and consumption

• policy interpolations

• the significance of history in contextualising ‘crises’ in the local

• local communications

• alternative local media: process, content and narrative

If you would like to join the network, please send an Expression of Interest to Dr Rachel Matthews,, briefly outlining your own area of interest. We welcome scholars at all stages of their career.

The network proposers are holding an inaugural event at Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury on Tuesday April 30 2019. This meeting will determine priorities for actions and plan future events.

Please address any queries in the first instance to Rachel Matthews at the email address above.

Network organisers:

Dr David Baines, Newcastle University. Professor Agnes Gulyas, Canterbury Christ Church University. Dr Rachel Matthews, Coventry University.

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Here’s the reply I sent on behalf of the CMA:

Hi Rachel

This is very timely and welcome, and with the right level of engagement across the community media movement a network of this kind can provide a firm basis from which to examine the practical and the theoretical imperatives facing community media here in the UK.

In November last year, Katie Moylan and I hosted a workshop at the University of Leicester as a collaboration with the Community Media Association. This workshop sought to identify areas of concern that are relevant to the development of community media in the UK. The workshop was attended by academics, policy administrators, civic activists and community media practitioners.

The initial summary of the workshop has been shared on the CMA Chat Forum for further comment.

As the leading organisation representing community media in the UK, the Community Media Association has over thirty years campaigning and advocacy experience. The CMA has been the leading organisation for promoting access to media which is run by people in their local communities.

This MeCCSA network will be viewed in a favourable light, especially as we engage with DCMS and Ofcom to ensure equitable access to media platforms in a time of intense consolidation in commercially-focussed and public-service media sectors.

The Community Media Association is open to all to join, with a wider focus on engaging practice-based media activism and advocacy. If you sign-up for the CMA Chat Forum, any event that you are planning, and which you post to the forum, can be publicised through the CMA’s social media networks and newsletter.

The CMA is happy to work with all community media activists, practitioners, researchers and organisations that acknowledge the Community Media Charter, and primarily organisations that work on a not-for-profit basis.

I’m sure members of the CMA networks will be very keen to find out about how this MeCCSA network came about and what it’s objectives are in terms of pubic policy, research, practice and innovation.

Best wishes


Community Media Association Council Member ======================= Dr Rob Watson @robwmedia




Thanks @Rob-Watson - let’s hope it’s a useful association.

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Well done Rob. Yes, it bodes well. What with this new network and the Radio Studies one that I chair, we hope to cover all bases and get the ‘news’ out there.

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