Making Sense of Media Network

Ofcom is launching a Making Sense of Media Network, to bring together organisations and individuals with expertise in media literacy to work towards a shared goal of improving the online skills, knowledge and understanding of UK adults and children.

Ofcom wants to collaborate with you to determine how the media literacy activities we are all undertaking might best work together. They also want to use their research as a foundation for developing the most effective media literacy interventions. They want the network to build and share evidence of UK adults’ and children’s understanding and use of electronic media, alongside Ofcom’s new Making Sense of Media Advisory Panel.

So, whether you’re an individual or work for a large organisation Ofcom wants your input on Making Sense of Media. They would like to know which media literacy activities you’re already involved in, what has been successful or what is missing, and most importantly, how we can all work more closely together to promote media literacy across the UK.

These are some of the activities Ofcom expects the network to be involved in, although they are keen to get your views on what the priorities should be.

  • Informing robust research and ensuring findings are shared widely.
  • Sharing information on existing media literacy activities and identifying priority areas for further activities and research.
  • Facilitating media literacy discussion, collaboration and activity across the UK.
  • Making people aware of the benefits and risks of online activities.

How can I get involved?

The network is still taking shape but there will be a range of ways to get involved. Whether you simply want to hear more about media literacy activities and research, or you’re keen to take a more active role in discussions, events or working groups, Ofcom would like you to be part of the network.

As part of the network, you will receive a regular email bulletin on the activities of the network and relevant research.

To join the network, please complete this form. Membership is open to individuals or organisations who want to collaborate and support work to promote online media literacy.