Lockdown Late Show - with Les Gun

‘A perfect show for an imperfect time…’ Covid-19 Pandemic 2020

  • Offered Conversation, Help, Advice, Laughter and Feelgood Songs
  • Ran for 10 weeks from 4 th May to 9 th July 2020
  • Monday to Thursday 10pm to Midnight
  • Community, Small Scale DAB and Online Radio
  • Broadcasted by 22 UK Stations
  • Radio Professionals and Experts gave their time voluntarily
  • Contributors were based at their own Home
  • Enjoy just a few of our Best Bits


‘Thanks to you and all the team for all your hard work - it has sounded fantastic and we have been proud to have the show as part of the Zetland FM schedule!’

Jeremy Gartland Chairman Zetland FM

‘The show has been absolutely brilliant bringing a bit of light relief (which I think we all
needed!) and some really useful information too. We have seen the highest online listening numbers ever in that time slot…’

Aaron Outram Programme Controller Redroad FM

‘It’s been a pleasure having the show on the station, the feedback has been positive both from listeners and station management. I absolutely think there is space for a well-produced shared show across community radio…’

Will Trueman Programme Controller Corby Radio

‘It was a pleasure to take the show and you all did an amazing job. You certainly proved that even on a voluntary level, it can all be pulled together and sound just as good/even better than what is on offer from the BBC and big Commercial companies…’

Barry Dugdale Station Manager Radio Deeside

‘We’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking the show - it’s been a real ‘uplifter’ during a very ‘down’ time for all of us. You and the team have shared some great moments…’

Glenn Thompsett Head of Programming Connections Radio

‘…You have all shown that incredible radio can be created with even the basic facilities and make it sound genuine, professional, commercial and above all, entertaining…’

Wayne Cubitt Managing Director Hit Music Radio

Shall We Make It More PERMANENT? Here is our Idea:

  • Starting 5th October, running Monday to Thursday 10pm-Midnight*
  • All the features of the Lockdown Late Show including FirstBeat and the listener chosen Elevenses
  • Nightly News 11pm, relevant Breaking stories and Sport
  • Travel Reviews/Ideas and Quirky Stories weekly
  • Entertainment & TV Update nightly
  • Guest and Listener calls, emails and interaction
  • Community Station feature nightly

Station Tech/Info

  • Sent to you using a processed or unprocessed Shoutcast feed
  • Ad breaks (2 min duration) at XX:20 and XX:40 each hour – for those stations
  • not wanting to take a break there will be a filler promo
  • Weekly promos, presenter script read and daily social media show updates
  • Back-up 1-hour show with generic links in the event of a major power or Internet outage within the show

Commercial Activity

  • We will be actively looking for a Show and Features Sponsor
  • There will also be paid for promotions, competitions and features within the show – all following the Ofcom code and guidance
  • Community Stations will be offered a profit share based on commercial activity (paid Sponsorship, Competitions and Features) meaning a dividend would be paid every 6 months on any net profit achieved

Your Investment

  • We will require a monthly payment (in advance) from each station of £100, which goes toward show costs and payment of presenters and contributors.
  • Minimum term will be 12 months – that’s works out less than £6 per programme for just approximately around 200 shows!

For further info or to take up the Show, email les@lateshow.org

  • We will only be offering this show to Community, DAB (small scale) and online stations.
  • There are no programmes provided on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day.
  • Programmes will be as normal on Bank Holidays. A minimum number of 70 stations will be needed in order to make this financially viable, so it’s crucial that we achieve this in order to proceed commercially.

Meet The Late Show Team
Les Gunn
Les (or Gunny as most know him!) is based in Manchester and has spent over 30 years in UK Radio, with a wealth of programming knowledge, commercial expertise and broadcasting management know-how. As well as founding The Lockdown Late Show concept as well as the proposed new show, he was also instrumental in establishing Zetland FM, the community station for Redcar and Cleveland that went on air in 2015 and has now been granted a 5-year extension!

Quirky Fact: Whilst working as a Breakfast host and Programme Controller at a Yorkshire radio station, he swapped clothing with the female MD, to do a presentation for HSBC management and staff! Luckily, they absolutely loved it and booked a big campaign!

Richard Kell
Richard has spent over 25 years in the UK radio Industry as a Producer, Presenter and
Programmer with a wealth of knowledge in making great programming ideas happen. His commercial expertise and broadcasting know-how are second to none. He is the Station Director at Pride Radio, the Community Radio for Newcastle and Gateshead and lives in Durham.

Quirky Fact: After being asked to install two extra mics to interview the pop group Five back in the day, they were brought into the studio early whilst he was under a desk. He said nothing and stayed there for 25 minutes until they left the studio!

Les Gunn Late Show Proposal 2020.pdf (358.4 KB)

As we enter the Covid world, I suspect you’ll struggle to get your target of 70 stations. We’re entering the worst recession on record so community/online stations need to make every penny count. Whilst I’m sure your show will be decent, 70 stations at £100 per station = £84k. £42k each. If you halfed it you may get interest.

Considering most station managers in the community radio world work for free (yes we know it doesn’t pay the bills, the medium is broken and desperately needs the reset button pressed) - I personally wouldn’t be funding a £42k presenter salary pot when I worked 20-40 hours a week for free on top of a 40 hour paid job.

Good luck in your venture.