Localgiving Discount

Dear all,

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been in conversation with the https://localgiving.org/ donation platform.

I’ve managed to arrange a 25% discount on their joining fee for any station joining in the next two months. So should be just over £70 reduced from £96.


They are also keen to encourage stations to setup fundraising campaigns around covid, I explained for a lot of stations it might be about sustainability instead of directed action and they said thats not a problem.

Their corona fund can be found here: https://localgiving.org/campaign/covid-19/

I know a few stations that use localgiving as part of their membership or supporters scheme, so if you already run this via paypal or direct debt to consider moving over.

So you can use local giving as regular giving, one of donation platform OR for crowdfunding campaigns.

THE BEST BIT! IS GIFTAID… Even if you’re not a charity, it doesn’t matter, Local Giving claim it and pass it back to you (its normally what their transaction fees come out of so you still get more on top)!

If anyone is interested please do contact me info@communityradioawards.org.uk I’ve set this up for two stations myself so also happy to help.

I also have the support challenge I’m giving to stations… can you see if you can 500 people in your local community to donate £1 a month…! that wound be £6,000 a year BEFORE any giftaid… I’m pretty sure that would cover most stations core licenses etc.