Local Co-Op Journalism - Bristol Cable

Interesting report in the Independent about the Bristol Cable, a co-op news organsisation holding local leaders and politicians to account in Bristol. It was great to hear about the Cabel’s work at the CMA Conference. I wonder if other towns and cities would benefit from an approach to community news like this, and what support we can provide to help establish this kind of approach in a more integrated way with other community media projects and organisations?

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I’m going to this event

in the New Year.
I think one of the important challenges right now is for those of us in community radio to build strong links with the local, independent non-profit newspapers that are springing up everywhere.
As a very broad generalisation, they seem to be more journalist led, and have more journalistic confidence. And (another sweeping generalisation here) community radio stations are more confident at inclusion, diversity and nurturing vulnerable community members to get involved and have a voice.
Putting these two areas of expertise together will be amazing!