Is 'guerrilla war' being waged on news broadcasters?

Really interesting article here…

Nick Robinson talks about the Main Stream Media (MSM) and how it needs to adapt to reach wider audiences, especially as a counter to the issue based media such as the canary (pro corbin).

However I would counter to say that Community Media is already starting to occupy this space and its a great opportunity to provide a space for these communities, and the advantage versus the issue based media is that community media is normally balanced and provides fair reporting on all the various sides.

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I suggest that one very real reason why “MSM” may appear to be under attack is that their output quality and obvious bias are becoming unacceptable to the consumer.
It’s fairly easy to dismiss social media comments for the trash that a lot of them are - but when news comes from the radio or TV at prime time from a national broadcaster, most will take it as valid.
We all know that isn’t necessarily right

maybe if they started reporting the actual truth, and stopped trying to deceive their audience, they may get a better relationship with them…The former young tory leader who somehow has now managed to secure a job where it’s his job to hold his masters to account, he is part of the problem, and shouldn’t be anywhere near whatever solution they come up with in my view…