Is Facebook a Positive or Negative Environment for Discussion

We’ve had a lot of controversy reported over the last year about how Facebook algorithms are used to manipulate psychologically profiled users and antagonise them around issues of indignation and resentment. Facebook is essentially a giant click-bait-machine.

But as Mark Schaefer writes in an interesting blog post:

Ranting on Facebook serves as a catharsis, and there is a place for that, until all manner of friendships weary of it. At this saturation point, the unfriending begins … and you lose touch with the very people you need to connect with most if you sincerely want to enable change.

We’ve always had problems with discussion forums and flaming, ever since the internet was first developed, so you would think that we would have learnt how to use online discussion-media more purposefully by now.

What’s your etiquette tips for successful collaborative and meaningful discussion online?

Be polite - don’t use personal jibes.
If someone riles you - be ultra nice to him.
If you realise you’ve got it wrong - don’t be afraid to delete your posting.