International Media Education Summit - Leeds April 2020

The topics and themes for next years International Media Education Summit at the University of Leeds have been published. The conference takes place on April 2nd & 3rd 2020.

The conference theme is Media Education, Diversity and Voice

Each year the Media Education Summit brings together a global network of researchers, educators and practitioners working across all aspects of media education, media and digital literacy and media / technology in education. The event is the leading global showcase for research, pedagogy and innovation on all aspects of media education.

Now running for thirteen years, MES is convened by the UK’s Centre for Excellence in Media Practice, in collaboration with a leading organisation in a different country each year. In 2020, our host is the School of Media and Communication at the University of Leeds.

Presenters will be also invited to submit their work to the Media Education Research Journal and Media Practice and Education. A panel will be convened by Internet Policy Review, on the theme of digital literacy.

About the themes

Media organisations are engaging in reflection about what it means to be diverse. What does it mean to give people from different communities an effective voice in the 21st century media? This has theoretical and methodological implications media education: where are diversity and voice to be located in terms of our study of producers, texts and audiences? Responding to these questions invites interdisciplinary, self-reflexive and practice-based research. The organisers are particularly interested in presentations on these topics:

  • Defining, measuring, and evaluating diversity
  • Performativity and pedagogy
  • Inclusion, access and agency
  • National and institutional policy initiatives
  • Meeting diverse educational needs
  • Diversity and voice in practice

Submission of abstracts and registrations are now open on the conference site.

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