International Environmental Communication Association

A colleague has just introduced me to the International Environmental Communication Association. Their aim is to support:

We pursue our mission through activities that promote international collaboration among our members and with other interested parties in ways that are consistent with goals of social and ecological sustainability in diverse contexts. Specific objectives include:

a. providing an international forum for transdisciplinary networking and collaboration and the advancement of the field of environmental communication;
b. supporting research and scholarship in environmental communication;
c. supporting practitioners’ and professionals’ applied environmental communication;
d. building connections and partnerships with non-governmental organizations, policymakers, businesses, institutions, and community members;
e. promoting pedagogy, teaching, and curriculum development at a variety of educational levels;
f. developing and promoting sustainable best practices in applied environmental communication settings; and
g. promoting awareness of environmental communication as a practice and field of study among professionals, educators, activists, policy makers, and media organizations.