Impact Media Conference 26th January


Impact Media is holding its inaugural conference on 26th January when Caroline Diehl MBE, founder of the Media Trust, Together TV and now Impact Media, will challenge UK media, civil society, impact investors and funders to invest in scaling up impact media across our 4 nations.


The conference will share ideas and explore how we can grow ‘social impact media’ in the UK, learning from best practice in the UK, US, and India.

“Now is the time, while ensuring we do not lose our unique public service and commercial media ecology, that the UK can invest in growing a third layer of media - civil society media, community media, media with social impact as its primary objective - impact media.” Caroline Diehl MBE

Impact Media: media platforms that have social impact as their primary purpose:

TV, radio, print, digital, social, podcasts and more.

This ‘first of its kind’ conference will aim to inform, share and debate how we can grow Impact Media in the UK, learning from best practice in the UK, US, and India. We want to grow social impact, audiences and income for impact media, building sustainable and scalable models, strengthening civil society, engagement, equity and democracy in our nations, cities, towns and rural areas.

The conference will hear from a range of speakers, and also share and debate the findings and recommendations of Caroline Diehl’s recent Churchill Fellowship, where she visited and researched impact media platforms and funders in the US, India and Sri Lanka.

Speakers include:

David Floyd, CEO and Founder, Social Spider, that has launched and runs 5 local community newspapers, and Bubblewrap, community news aggregator platform.

Sara Lomax-Reese, CEO of WURD Radio, one of the few remaining black-owned talk radio stations in the US, and Co-founder, with S.Mitra Kalita, of URL Media, a multi-platform network of Black and Brown media organisations.

Tracie Powell, Harvard Shorenstein Fellow and Founder of The Pivot Fund, a new venture philanthropy organisation dedicated to investing US $500 million into independent BIPOC-led community news.

Nafisa Rahimi,** Co-founder, Muslim Mamas, a UK-based global online media platform and community for Muslim mothers.

Sunil Rajshekhar, Founding CEO of India’s groundbreaking Independent & Public-Spirited Media Foundation.

Shamus Toomey, Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder, Block Club Chicago**, a non-profit newsroom dedicated to delivering reliable, nonpartisan and essential coverage of Chicago’s diverse neighbourhoods.

Martin Wright, Chair of Positive News**, the cooperatively-owned magazine ‘for good journalism about good things’.

Plus impact media editors, owners, social entrepreneurs, funders and policy-makers.

This conference is for anyone interested in independent media that has social purpose at its heart, whether local, national or global, including:

Impact media practitioners – editors, owners, trustees, managers, journalists, creatives, business development managers, trustees, volunteers.

Media policy professionals - regulators, civil servants, politicians, advisors, think-tanks, umbrella organisations etc.

Media funders - foundations, grant-givers, impact investors, philanthropists, funding advisors.

Conference package: delegates will have a package of follow-up support after the conference, included in the ticket price: 4 ‘Follow-up Friday’ online sessions; the full Impact Media: Building Common Cause report; the Conference Report; connections and networking opportunities.

Conference Platform: Zoom: live video, chat, Q&A.



Twitter: @impactmedia_